For the advancement of mould career, MYC’s efforts will make you satisfied  


  • Managerial &Technical Team —— united and progressive, providing enthusiastic service
     1.Talented person is the center of the company.
     2.Teamwork is the essence of the company.
     3.Dedicated service is the natural.
  • Quality Control Methods —— down-to-earth,step by step  
    1.The material quality of all mould components should be ensured.
     2.All mould components should not be released after passing through testing.
     3.All work must be done according to the predetermined process.  
     4.All the tests are carried out with program files.
  • Quality Improvement System —— accumulate every improvement to achieve the perfect quality
     1.Good quality awareness to go through each procedure with zero defect.
     2.Special training to improve quality defect per month.

Corporate credo : people-oriented and safety first; customer focus and quality first, lead time guaranteed.




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